Re: Recent FHA Project Approval and FHA Application cost directly from HUD
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Date: Wed, 26 Aug 2020 21:54:09 -0700 (PDT)
Thanks, Janet.  We assume also assume we need to use double entry, accrual 
basis.  While we know it would meet the requirements, we haven't been able to 
determine of something lesser would also suffice.In the mean time, we were able 
to talk directly to HUD and apparently HUD does not charge an application fee 
for FHA project approval and while HOA's typically hire a company to do it, 
some communities have been successful doing it independently.Lamaia

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I'm sorry that I do not know FHA requirements. But I am guessing that a
double entry accounting system would be required. It is the standard for
accounting. Ordinary taxpayers use cash basis. Businesses use accrual
basis. Good luck.
Janet Boys
Aria Cohousing Community

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> At Southside Park Cohousing in Sacramento, CA, we are trying to obtain FHA
> project approval so that members can access reverse mortgages and buyers
> can get FHA loans.  We've run into problems on a couple of grounds, with
> our accounting being one of them.  We use single entry, cash basis
> accounting. We're trying to figure out if we moving to a double entry,
> accrual basis is required or if a lower bar fix will work.
> For coho's with recent FHA approvals, do you use cash basis or accrual
> basis accounting?  Also, do you use single or double entry?Finally, does
> anyone happen to know the charge directly from HUD for FHA approval and /
> or re-approving?Thanks!Lamaia Coleman
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