Any Fundraisers on This List?
From: Ann Lehman (
Date: Sat, 29 Aug 2020 17:39:19 -0700 (PDT)
Hi Folks,

As I'm sure will not surprise anyone we need to fundraise regularly to keep
CoHo US going.  We have a small Fundraising Committee but not enough real
expertise in the field.  We are requesting suggestions of *cohousing
fundraisers*, or those with experience from other Boards to join our
Fundraising Committee.  Please even if you have limited time consider at
least contacting me (ann [at] or 510.755.5701) so we can
discuss how you might contribute or someone you know who might be a good

As my late husband, Bob Zimmerman (a fundraiser extraordinaire) used to
say, "Many board members and staff view fundraising as "genteel
begging" *rather
than *as creating opportunities for citizens (coho members) to invest in a
successful enterprise (CoHo US).  Let's help all of us invest in


*Ann Lehman
**Zimmerman Lehman
Board Governance Specialist
** <>

*Yoga Instructor
Slow Yoga for Savvy Bodies

*CoHousing Association of U.S.
*** <>*
(Vice President)*

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