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From: Muriel Kranowski (
Date: Tue, 1 Sep 2020 09:16:38 -0700 (PDT)
Shadowlake Village has a different dues structure. We split our annual
budget into a Fixed and a Pledge component. Items in the Fixed budget are
musts, like paying for utilities and some maintenance and payments into our
Capital Reserves and such. Everything else, that makes our lives fun and
cohousy, goes into the Pledge budget.

Dues are set like this: Everyone pays 1/33rd of the Fixed budget (we have
33 units). In addition, households pledge what they want to/are able to for
the Pledge budget. We start out knowing what 1/33rd of the Pledge budget is
and knowing that some of us are heavier users of our shared resources than
others and also pretty much knowing what our relative abilities are to pay.

If the pledges come up short (usually by only a little), there's a 2nd
round of pledges in which we try to make up the full pledged budget. Last
year for the first time we fell short and had to cut from the Pledged
budget. If pledges come in over what is needed, everyone's pledge is
proportionately reduced to make it come out even.

Only the Treasurer knows how much each household's dues come to, ie, their
combination of fixed and pledged dues. This works for us and feels fair.

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> Our community (Heartwood Cohousing in rural SW Colorado), has an unusual
> HOA dues structure. We collect 50% of our dues on a per household basis and
> 50% on a per person basis. The purpose is to try to reflect that some costs
> are more fixed in nature (e.g., replacing the common house roof) and some
> are more variable in nature, meaning that costs go up as usage goes up
> (e.g., shampooing the common house carpets).
> After 20 years, we are reconsidering our dues structure and would like to
> know what other dues structures are used by other communities.
> Some of the structures that I think are currently used are:
> Flat Rate: Each household pays the same monthly dues.
> Square Footage: Each household pays in proportion to their home’s square
> footage. My understanding is that this structure is more appropriate for
> condos where the condo association is responsible for the maintenance of
> private homes. Since all of our homes are privately maintained, this
> structure doesn’t seem applicable to us.
> Household Income: Each household pays in proportion to their household
> income. We’ve discussed this option and dismissed it.
> Are there any other dues structures used by any communities?
> Thanks,
> Mac
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