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Date: Wed, 2 Sep 2020 18:42:02 -0700 (PDT)
Well that is what the "percentage interest" covers in Massachusetts HOA
fees. We each owe a share of the community and pay for repairs, insurance,
water, and septic based on that.

But I also care that I get paid more than the median income to sit and talk
to people all day, while my neighbor gets paid half the median income to do
hard labor. If you think that the amount of cash I have versus the cash he
has is related to our relative contribution to the world you are not paying

That doesn't even bring up the fact that because I get more than the median
income I can save money and that earns me more money, so I can just stop
contributing at all to world, and live off that.

Anyway, that's why our sliding scale component exists.

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>  > the causes of inequality
> Some human beings are more productive than others. Some can fill a
> stadium with customers paying to watch their entertainment. Some can
> invent the telephone. Most cannot. Even if you repealed the ability
> of government to transfer earned wealth between people, there would
> still be inequality.
> This inequality in production remains if you are doing barter on
> Gilligan's Island where no money system exists. The biggest comedy
> plot point of Gilligan's Island is that one society member has
> negative production, and ruins things others have made. Compound
> Gilligan's negative production rate and the Professor's positive
> production rate for a decade and the difference in saved wealth is
> huge. Why would you want a government to take the Professor's gadgets
> and give them to Gilligan to break? That makes everybody, *including
> Gilligan*, worse off.
> Does any coho use the dues structure of "pay your actual costs"? If
> your unit needs x% of sprinkler heads or y% of the roofing materials
> than you pay that percentage of the irrigation and roofing company's
> bill. Do condo laws even permit this?
> Brian
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