Re: Tips for selling/moving from own home to senior cohousing
From: Sherry Sank (
Date: Wed, 2 Sep 2020 18:50:28 -0700 (PDT)
 Slight kink in the works - COVID-19. How are people going to share rental 
houses/apartments/condos until move-in, to a not yet fully constructed complex? 
Yikes. Construction delays can go on for a while... (Like COVID.) The 
functioning cohousing Community I'm considering moving into, is socially 
isolating, even in-house. You all might want to stay put, until there's light 
at the end of the construction tunnel. Maybe use the time to sort out the 
second thread of getting rid of a lifetime of stuff.

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 > On Aug 30, 2020, at 9:55 AM, Alice Alexander <aliceanne4 [at]> 
 > wrote:
> There are a number of creative solutions we considered, several of which
> build community:
>  - Members joining together to rent a house or apartment together;
>  remember this is temporary so an opportunity to down size, even temporarily.
>  - Members who choose to stay in their homes, to sell after construction
>  is complete, can invite other members to co-household with them.
>  - Some put everything in storage and went on extensive travel, "let me
>  know when I can come home."
>  - Some folks have 2nd homes where they can stay for extended periods, or
>  allow others to stay.
>  - Many are able to house sit for friends and family; at Durham Coho, if
>  memory serves one of our members ending up house sitting for 3 different
>  families because of our delays.

In addition to Alice’s solutions, all of which Takoma Village members used, I 
would add that you should probably have a plan for this. Unless you are living 
in a flexible situation where you can stay month to month, you will be happier 
if you have a back up. Construction is as predictable as the weather. Weather 
prediction has gotten better but not 2-3 months out, much less 6-12 months out.

Another tip for downsizing: before moving to a continuing care community, a 
friend marked out in her living room the size of her new apartment and moved 
her furniture and all her stuff into it. Some of it she didn’t actually move 
but she put tape on the floor or sat a chair in place of a closet. It worked 
very well.

Sharon Villines
Takoma Village Cohousing, Washington DC

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