Re: How to design condo units
From: Susan Coberly (
Date: Fri, 4 Sep 2020 10:28:28 -0700 (PDT)
In answer to inquiry by Patrick Van Laere (in Vol 200, Issue 5) about
designing for families when current potential cohousers are singles and
couples wanting 600, 900, 1100 sq. ft. units.

La Querencia aka Fresno Cohousing has a mix of unit sizes, stacked 2 bd/ 2
ba flats of 1093 sq ft, townhouses with 3 bd / 2.5 ba of approx 1450 sq ft,
and larger sizes. Large front porches on all house types (decks for
upstairs 2 bd/ 2 ba flats)

Frankly a 4 person family can live in the 2 bd 2 ba flat, especially since
we have a lawn area, pool/exercise room/ game room, common house with
living, dining, kitchen, children's room, mailboxes, laundry and guest

The design is everything. Build in cabinets/closets/ plenty of light! Use
the space under stairs to upstairs flats for cabinets for the downstairs
flats. (LaQ missed out on this innovative idea.) Think about 2 baths -
especially for the larger size flats (900 and 1100).

Once upon a time my late husband and I had a 1200 sq ft 3 bd 2 ba *bare
bones* house (no granite, plywood cabinets, washer space in kitchen, tiny
serviceable bathrooms) which was perfectly adequate in size. we did have a
garage for the car.  2 kids both boys shared one bd and the third bd was an
office/guest room. With better design and living in cohousing probably
wouldn't need the 3rd bd.  But you might consider flex room for a third bd
/ den.

Susan Coberly
LaQuerencia / Fresno Cohousing
Fresno, California

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