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From: Sharon Villines (sharonsharonvillines.com)
Date: Sun, 6 Sep 2020 11:36:29 -0700 (PDT)
> On Sep 1, 2020, at 6:46 PM, Linda Hobbet <coho [at] lindahobbet.com> wrote:
> What is the title of the book?

I assume this is in reference to the Piketty book. It’s his second book, 
Capital and Ideology. It isn’t as well edited as his first book and is too 
often repetitive. But the ideas are still worth wading through his research. 

I finally finished and would sum up my takeaways is 

1. When societies and organizations go through “switch points” the direction 
they go has more to do with ideologies than with events and circumstances. What 
people believe is acceptable prevails, not what is “true” or “demonstrable.” 

2. Protests lead to “switch points,” not events or circumstances.

3. Transparency is necessary to correct injustices. You can fix things you 
don’t understand. And you have to have the information to understand the root 

4. Liberals have failed because they have not paid (enough) attention to fiscal 
policy. They have focused on social values instead of the economy that supports 
or defeats those social values. Behind all injustice is a fiscal structure that 
feeds it.

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