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Date: Sun, 6 Sep 2020 11:58:43 -0700 (PDT)
Hello. I'm a network engineer/sysadmin by trade, so this interests me

Is that 200/20 each unit, or total? And aside from the WAN failover between
the two ISPs, do you also Do load balancing (e.g. combine both connections
for a faster connection)?

200/20 shared between 34 units is paltry for that size, even considering
low-usage per household. Frankly I'd be amazed if this was the case. The
biggest issue would be the upload speed, but even then 200Mbps down split
34 ways with average usage isn't ideal.

The city our community resides in (Northampton, MA) is considering
community fiber, but until then we are sort of stuck with Comcast cable per
household, unfortunately.

Thanks for the info!

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> > On Sep 1, 2020, at 9:23 PM, Yochai Gal <yochaigal [at]> wrote:
> >
> > You have a shared Internet plan?
> > Can you expound on that?
> We initially wired all our units for internet connections just like we did
> for telephone connections. We went through many iterations of things to
> find out what worked. We had to find the balance between being a business
> and being a residential complex.
> Finally ended up with 2 business-class modem accounts from 2 providers,
> Comcast and RCN. When one service is out, the other is still working.
> Because they are business class, we get faster service if there are modem
> problems.
> We have 200/20 service and it serves all 43 units plus the CH very well.
> That’s with everyone home now and doing streaming as well as computer work.
> The future is wireless so you might not need wired at all. We now have
> wireless connections everywhere—I think 3 routers reach most units. Some
> wireless routers owned by the community and several people having their own
> but they share them.
> This is much much cheaper than everyone having their own service, and
> certainly cheaper than everyone having their own 200.20 service. You can
> calculate this by going to your local cable provider’s website.
> Sharon
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