We're launching our community study-group using the Com4All Conference-join us!
From: Daisy (daisykbirchgmail.com)
Date: Mon, 7 Sep 2020 16:19:19 -0700 (PDT)
Hi Cohousers and Villagers!

We're registering our whole cohousing community for the recently completed
& video-recorded *Community For All* National Conference (on diversity,
inclusion, intersectionality and allyship).  We’ll use it as an ongoing
community study-action group on the subject. Here’s how, and why we’re
doing it…

When a few of us were asked to review the new *Community For All* videos
for “helpful excerpts”, I quickly realized these diverse presentations were
packed w/invaluable, applicable wisdom & guidance. I also realized this: *So
many cohousers are taking the ego-busting inquiries and steps needed to
lift their beloved communities to their next level.*

We'll use our credit card to purchase 24/7 admission to the conference
videos once they’re published. Our members are pledging different anonymous
amounts--including well-wishes (all have equal value :-) The discount group
rate is $250.
(one part is free to everyone).

Since the diverse presenters stressed the need/urgency to manifest these
powerful distinctions in our daily lives; we (our EVC Outreach group) are
launching an ongoing training program for our community; simply by using
the conference videos, and the (free & public) Cultural Awareness Menu &
Study Guide (also on cohousing.org) that has been used by communities and
prisoners in many places).

This can raise awareness and effective community action for us all, and for
our future members.

Many thanks to the organizers and presenters for their vulnerable, powerful
guidance and inspiration (some have books on the subject too).

And many thanks for you who are willing to engage in their powerful
brain-stretching, wisdom-building, and ego-busting practices.

Daisy Birch, EVC (Eastern Village Cohousing-DC border)
(and the newly created; EVC Outreach Team)

P.S. The *Community for All* Site says
<https://www.cohousing.org/2020-all/schedule/> for a discount community
rate, email Karin Hoskin at karincohous [at] gmail.com

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