Community Garden Structure
From: Marna Claywoman (
Date: Mon, 7 Sep 2020 16:27:10 -0700 (PDT)

My family are members of a newish cohousing community, Village Hill Cohousing 
in Northampton, MA. We are working on setting up an organizational structure 
for our Community Garden space. We would like information, assistance from 
other cohousing communities regarding the following items based on their 
experience, organization structure of their Community Garden space. 

1) What is an equitable way to assign plots 

2) Who oversees the Community Garden(eg gardeners have a CG work group or other 
working structures?) 

3) Is there a cost to have a garden plot 

4) Who maintains other plant material not related to the Community 
Garden(watering, pruning, etc) 

5) What if a gardener is unable to keep up maintenance of their plot 

6) How is community share garden within the Community Garden organized 

7) Policy for use and maintenance of tools 

8) Other? 

Any information and assistance in how your various cohousing communities have 
structured, designed their Community Gardens regarding these items or other 
items that were found relevant would be much appreciated. 

Thank you and best wishes for your community, 


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