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From: Charles Durrett (
Date: Fri, 11 Sep 2020 08:48:40 -0700 (PDT)
Dear Cohousing-L Members,

Howdy howdy? In case you know someone that would like to help set seniors
up for success.

In these COVID times, I worry about seniors now more than ever. This is no
time to be isolated. Seniors in cohousing are socially distanced but not
socially isolated. Between Tai Chi twice per day, assisting each other with
groceries, prescription drugs, safe and distant but fun meals together and
hundreds of other things, seniors look out for each other in cohousing in
these times. They help people most at risks minimize their exposure to
COVID. Therefore, I’m more motivated than ever to get more seniors into
cohousing, into the good times, and into the heyday of community, so that
when rough times like this occur, like these days, seniors are ready.
The *Study
Group 1 – Aging Successfully Facilitator Training* helps seniors learn how
to set their own lives and the lives of other seniors up for success.
Please help me help them. I’m going to do *Study Group One – Aging
Successfully Facilitator Training* this fall – probably for the last time.
Please send a couple of people our way if you know of any that would profit
for a more engaged landscape. We should be able to get a new senior
cohousing started in your part of the world relatively easily.

SG1 is the number one way to get seniors conscious of the issues, out of
denial, and proactive enough to consider senior cohousing. It is often said
that if you ask 100 random seniors, would you consider senior cohousing,
maybe one will say yes. If you ask 100 seniors who have taken Study Group
One, 40 will say yes.

You’re receiving this email because you have previously expressed an
interest in cohousing. If you’re not interested, maybe you know someone who
is a senior activist, or wants to help seniors move into a community of

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To learn more about SG1, see the Senior Cohousing Handbook

Thank you,
Charles R. Durrett
Principal Architect - AIA

Durrett Architects
The Cohousing Company
241-B Commercial Street * Nevada City, CA 95959
530-265-9980 office * 916-716-6721 cell phone
** <>

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