Re: 12 Unit Cohousing - Too Small?
From: fergyb2 (
Date: Sat, 19 Sep 2020 16:42:19 -0700 (PDT)
I believe Doyle Street Cohousing in Albany, CA  where  Chuck and Katie Durrett 
once lived is a similar size but also in an urban environment.  Also New 
Brighton Cohousing in Santa Cruz County, CA is small.  Usually the trade off is 
more intimacy in a small community vs maybe not enough folk to do the necessary 
Bonnie Fergusson
Swans Market Cohousing
Oakland, CA

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> On Sep 19, 2020, at 4:21 PM, Scott Wild <wildscott [at]> wrote:
> First listserv post so bear with me!
> We recently met some kind, motivated folks forming a cohousing group
> around a 1.5 acre parcel near a small city. They're aggressively
> pursuing the parcel as land in the area is rare, expensive, and zoned
> for large single family homes.
> Due to zoning restrictions they're planning on 12 approx. 1,000-1,500
> sq ft cottages, and don't seem immediately interested in lobbying the
> city for more dense permitting - a la duplex/quadplex construction.
> Does anyone have familiarity with smaller cohousing communities? I'm
> aware of Capitol Hill Urban Cohousing, which seems quite successful at
> 9 units, but they're in a fully urban environment.
> Thanks for your input!
> Scott
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