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From: Philip Dowds (
Date: Mon, 21 Sep 2020 07:59:43 -0700 (PDT)
At Cornerstone in MA, we recently had a small unit turn over.  The departing 
owners assigned the sale to a perfectly competent realtor, and he labored 
mightily on the problem for several months.  No sale.  Ultimately, the unit was 
taken by an individual recruited by one of our most active members.

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> At Village Hearth Cohousing in Durham, NC, we had a realtor fairly
> early on (before COVID struck the US).  It was thought that our very
> close relationship with the realty company and the realtor would only
> help. We even paid a few commissions on units we sold ourselves, while
> we still  had a contract stipulating that we would do so with the
> realtor.
> In the end, unfortunately (or, perhaps, fortunately!) the realtor was
> unable to sell a single home for us. We are now pretty much sold out
> (waiting for the last couple of units to close). Every home—both
> before and after construction—was sold by the community, via
> advertising,, and having Zoom “Meet and Greets.” And
> word of mouth. And our extensive database and newsletter subscription
> list. We do have several advantages here in Durham. But for us, the
> advantages of selling to those who visited, and got to know us and the
> cohousing model, worked well.Using a traditional realtor or MLS
> listing simply did not bring us buyers, despite the expertise and
> professionalism of the traditional route. There was nothing wrong with
> that route. But Cohousing’s special inducements are not the ones
> that traditional buyers are seeking, I suppose.
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