Modular homes
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Date: Thu, 8 Oct 2020 07:36:34 -0700 (PDT)
The idea of a floating factory is intriguing.

We did do finish work, including siding on-site— our preference.   Most of us 
did our own kitchen appliances and cabinets:  various of us found better deals 
on better cabinets either used or from a place that sold cabinet orders that 
went awry one way or another.    Some had factory installed appliances and 
kitchen/bath cabinets.  
We did not have problems with the modular folks, as I recall,  tho adjacent 
homes sharing a wall had too much sound transmission.  

PS:  I have an intermittent e-mail glitch.  If you write and do not hear back 
from me shortly, please call me or please re-send.  Thank you.  Ruth

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>> We did build our initial twelve homes with Westchester Modular, a high end 
>> modular company.  We didn?t save a ton of money exactly,  we did have great 
>> efficiency of time and predictability of homes being delivered:  a great 
>> factor.
>> And knowing that modular tends to be efficient, less wasteful. 
> After move-in were there lots of corrections/fixes? 
> Our new construction did ? plumbing, electrical, concrete sealing, etc. We 
> are still discovering things.
> Were the modular homes really ready to move in once attached to utilities?
> Modular home companies are doing very interesting things ? like shipping flat 
> to be assembled by local contractors complete with appliances, surface 
> finishing, etc. Fabulous Factories if this is still available in your area or 
> in your library has an episode on a factory that floats and can be moved to 
> the area where the homes are to be built. Easier to move the factory than 
> ship the completed houses.
> Sharon
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