Re: Question about accepted norms in the common space - follow-up Q
From: R Philip Dowds (
Date: Sat, 24 Oct 2020 06:04:43 -0700 (PDT)
I think you’re probably looking for recipes, and recipe groups, that are 
ingredient-flexible in the late stages of cooking and serving.  For instance …

Asian stir-fry often relies heavily on sauces and vegetable ingredients that 
can work as vegan.  Even so, you can cook up the protein alternatives 
independently — e.g., shrimp or tofu — and let the customers choose separately 
when they make up their plates.  Stir-fry typically goes over rice, so no 
glutens.  Watch out for nuts; they, too, can be an option on side, at the table.

Another approach is pasta in home-made red sauce.  Late in the game, it’s easy 
to add mushrooms and olives to one pot, and cooked hamburger to the other.  
Cheese is on the side, at the table.  Nor is it all that hard to make a pot of 
regular pasta, and a pot of rice (gluten-free) pasta; the rice pasta is a 
little trickier to cook, but not impossible.

You should eventually end up with a binder of popular recipes and instructions 
that almost anyone can follow.  But stay away from beef bourguignon.  I know of 
no way to make this one satisfy the vegans and the teetotalers.

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> What has worked well to encourage and assist members who feel
> overwhelmed with coming up with menus that address all the diversity
> and feed a big crowd? It seems to me that we have more people who are
> willing to cook than do, and that part of that is because feeling
> responsible for covering all of those bases seems challenging.
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