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> Another approach is pasta in home-made red sauce.  Late in the game, it’s 
> easy to add mushrooms and olives to one pot, and cooked hamburger to the 
> other.  Cheese is on the side, at the table.  Nor is it all that hard to make 
> a pot of regular pasta, and a pot of rice (gluten-free) pasta; the rice pasta 
> is a little trickier to cook, but not impossible.

I’m not a big CH kitchen cooker (or eater) but one option I think about doing 
is baked potatoes with counter full of dishes of toppings like the frozen 
yogurt places.

When I ordered pizza for everyone on Fridays, I discovered that Vegan pizza is 
very good and was welcomed by almost everyone. The trick is to use a lot of 
toppings. Our delivery pizza places usually have something like a “Vegetarian 
Feast” that has 4-5+ toppings. Just order minus the cheese and it is delicious. 

Not an uncommon comment was: “This is how my doctor says I should eat and I 
just had no idea how to do it and still like the food. And not have to cook it 

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