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Date: Tue, 3 Nov 2020 11:42:13 -0800 (PST)
Sorry to bother you, but while I have Nuts and Bolts on my calendar I do not 
see a confirmation.  Will the software catch me if I register twice?  Would 
there have been a confirmation sent?  From what address?  (I assume topic would 
be Nuts and Bolts and I don’t see one)



> On Oct 26, 2020, at 1:48 PM, Karen Gimnig <karencohous [at]> wrote:
> These are just some of the great topics we'll be covering at Nuts and Bolts
> of Cohousing all online, on Nov 7.  See below for details of these
> sessions. Register now for early bird pricing, or for an even better deal,
> purchase a community coupon code.
> Registration:
> Community Coupon Code: email Karin at karincohous [at]
> More information:
> Replacement Reserves – ignore them at your peril!
> Lyons Witten
> Hear from expert Lyons Witten on how to keep your community’s buildings and
> finances in good shape for generations. He will explain the importance of
> setting up replacement reserves (RR) from the date of move in, what is
> typically in an RR spreadsheet, where RR money is invested, and how the
> spreadsheet is updated annually. Your community will benefit greatly from a
> healthy RR account!
> Common House Reservations and Fees
> Mike Mariano
> Inspired by the cohousing model of collaboration, mutual support, and
> trust, your community can bring generosity and abundance to sharing the use
> of the Common House and other spaces. Using examples from cohousing
> communities in the Pacific Northwest, Mike will share approaches to revenue
> generation, maintenance, and ongoing stewardship. A social equity lens will
> help identify resource contributions that are valued, meaningful, and more
> widely available to all those participating in community.
> Mutual Aid – A Panel Discussion
> Neil Planchon, Bonnie Fergusson, Liz Walker, and David Jaggar
> Members of three different communities will share their stories of ways
> their communities have pooled resources to help community members in need.
> Each will tell of the structure they used, the success of the program and
> what they have learned along the way.  Join us to learn about “Spare a
> Dime”, “Neighbors Helping Neighbors” and “Rainy Day Fund”.
> Cohousing Home Pricing for Equity and Affordability  – How move from
> project costs to home sales price
> Joren Bass & Eric Granum (UDP)
> During the development process all communities must translate project costs
> into final home sales prices. This is one of the most important financial
> and collective decisions communities must make. A well-designed community
> will likely have a diverse mix of unit sizes and types. Each home will
> likely have unique attributes such as location within the community,
> differing access to light and views, or constructed attributes such as
> extra bathrooms or balconies. So how do you create a pricing framework that
> follow the basic cohousing principles of equity and shared affordability
> and also reflect the common market conditions for appraisal and financing.
> This session will discuss pitfalls and successful approaches for developing
> communities can use to set home prices.
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