Coronavirus mitigation methods
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At Shepherd Village there is currently an ongoing discussion of
coronavirus mitigation methods for aerosolized virus in common
interior spaces, primarily in the Common House which is a large
building with small rooms and one large dining and meeting area with a
high ceiling.  The proposal on the table is that the following
mitigation methods be considered:

    Add MERV (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value)-13 filters to the
air return ducts in the Common House HVAC system.

    Add portable HEPA air filtration units to the small rooms.

    Install UV-C disinfecting luminaires to flood the upper area of
the room (above the heads of people) with ultraviolet light.

All three of the above virus mitigation approaches are used in
hospitals and are being phased in at restaurants, dentist offices,
theaters, and businesses as it is now clear that the coronavirus
pandemic will be a long term condition.  These methods target
infectious aerosolized virus which is not effectively mitigated by
masks and social distancing alone.

What are the other cohousing communities using Gather doing (or
planning or considering) with respect to aerosolized coronavirus
mitigation in interior spaces?  Do you happen to know?  If not, do you
have contacts in some or all of these communities who may be willing
to share their experience or ideas on this subject?

J. Todd Lewis
Member Relations
Shepherd Village
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