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Date: Thu, 5 Nov 2020 07:19:07 -0800 (PST)
Air exchange is important. Using your kitchen hood fan when people are
using the space even if you are not cooking. Putting a box fan in a window
blowing out is another simple low-cost strategy to get fresh air into the
space. You can buy a CO2 monitor as a cheap way to approximate that.
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> At Shepherd Village there is currently an ongoing discussion of
> coronavirus mitigation methods for aerosolized virus in common
> interior spaces, primarily in the Common House which is a large
> building with small rooms and one large dining and meeting area with a
> high ceiling.  The proposal on the table is that the following
> mitigation methods be considered:
>     Add MERV (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value)-13 filters to the
> air return ducts in the Common House HVAC system.
>     Add portable HEPA air filtration units to the small rooms.
>     Install UV-C disinfecting luminaires to flood the upper area of
> the room (above the heads of people) with ultraviolet light.
> All three of the above virus mitigation approaches are used in
> hospitals and are being phased in at restaurants, dentist offices,
> theaters, and businesses as it is now clear that the coronavirus
> pandemic will be a long term condition.  These methods target
> infectious aerosolized virus which is not effectively mitigated by
> masks and social distancing alone.
> What are the other cohousing communities using Gather doing (or
> planning or considering) with respect to aerosolized coronavirus
> mitigation in interior spaces?  Do you happen to know?  If not, do you
> have contacts in some or all of these communities who may be willing
> to share their experience or ideas on this subject?
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