Outfitting the Common House Kitchen
From: Edwin Simmers (edwinsimmersbellcoho.com)
Date: Mon, 16 Nov 2020 20:54:59 -0800 (PST)

I checked with my wife who helped set up the common house kitchen here at 
Bellingham Cohousing. Here’s what she says (as best as I can remember).

- There are lots of ways to get restaurant-grade tableware, serving dishes, and 
cookware if you keep your eyes open. Even furniture; we got 50 dining chairs 
for about $12 each from a restaurant that was “changing its decor,” and they’re 
great! Restaurant supply places sell all kinds of used stuff.

Sure, it’s OK to use whatever you’ve got, but you’ll save space and hassle if 
tableware matches when you snapped up a great deal on plain, simple restaurant 

Spend the money to get the right cookware because you’re cooking for 30, not 2. 
Get those big, wide brasier pots (wide, not tall) because you’ll want your 
shorter cooks to be able to look in the pot.

And get a good Hobart dishwasher/sterilizer. You’ll never finish the dishes if 
you use a regular dishwasher.

Oh, yes. Develop a culture where the cooks clean their own cooking utensils. It 
will make it much easier to recruit a clean-up crew.

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> wrote:
> Good morning:
> Our Common House at Village Hill Cohousing in Northampton should be
> ready towards the end of the year. Some of us are responsible for
> setting up the kitchen. Does anyone have a master list which includes
> dishes, pots and pans etc?
> We have a long list of possible donated items that we will comb through
> but, after reading some of the archives I see there are pros to getting
> commercial grade items.
> Any advice and suggestions are welcome.
> Thank you,
> Melinda
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