Re: Mobile Home Communities Everyone Can Afford (almost)
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Date: Sat, 12 Dec 2020 13:32:25 -0800 (PST)

Many of the state and local governments that receive Community Development 
Block Grants (CDBG) use funding to assist preservation of affordable housing, 
both rental and owner, principally for low- and moderate-income persons. About 
38,000 households nationwide benefited from rehab assistance in the 2020 
reporting year. Local staff who work with CDBG are frequently knowledgeable 
about housing needs and possibilities in their communities.

More info on CDBG housing is available here:

Grantee contact info is available at the HUD site as well.

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>> I checked out a defunct mobile home park site in my area around 2003
>> or 2004. I thought since it was empty there would not be current
>> residents who would object to coho. My mistake, city residents were
>> voting to ban cheaper forms of housing
> One of the issues with run down housing is that municipalities don’t enforce 
> the laws. In most places if not all, there are various ordinances that 
> require yard maintenance, control signage, abandoned buildings, etc. One of 
> the things I learned from reading _Evicted_ was that many buildings and 
> mobile home parks are run by the landlords for depreciation. No funds are  
> used to maintain them. The landlord then sells the property to a developer.
> In my neighborhood the Business Association received a grant to paint the 
> storefronts of a row of small shops built in 1913. I doubt there are similar 
> grants for private housing. Or grants for people to repair their own houses 
> that are comparable to the grants that subsidize the rent for low-income 
> households.
> My hope is that some of the skills gained by building cohousing communities 
> can be used to build low income housing. Not only to build it but to sustain 
> it as a community by sharing maintenance.
> Sharon
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