Free Diversity & Inclusion Study Circles for Cohousers!
From: Daisy (
Date: Fri, 11 Dec 2020 14:32:53 -0800 (PST)
Hello Cohousers--please join us!

We've created & are using this free, easy, (sometimes hilarious, always
powerfully insightful) Diversity & Inclusion study program for us & for
you, your family, your community.

Just go to Cultural Awareness (D&I) Menu & Action Q’s
<>. &
follow easy instructions.
No free toaster (sorry🙃), but the insights there are profound, and
practical, and they could save a life.

We've used it in our cohousing community.
We call it DAIWAT (Diversity, Allyship & Inclusion, With Action &

*Here are some comments on the DAWAT study circles so far… *
”These videos are amazing!”, “We need this, especially thru winter”, “We’re
watching a short edu-comedy video daily, after dinner”,  “The 5 Questions
focused & grounded us”, “I thought I knew all this—powerful words right
from their mouths”, “I’m so glad we’re doing this”  “some eye-opening
history videos too”

Enjoy, and Peace,

Daisy & Arash, Eastern Village Cohousing

*How to do DAIWAT…*

You can use it alone, or use it to boost any existing awareness training or
study circle you or your community is taking on. It’s been reviewed &
approved by a highly diverse, loosely-knit, national group of people, and
is offered as a public gift.
Please enjoy and share, wherever you think it’s needed.

*Just go to* the Cultural Awareness Menu & Action Q’s
<>*–*it has
countless specially selected links to choose from, including comedy & music!
*and follow the simple directions* on that page.

Here are 4 examples that we started with…

A joyful PSA: *Love Has No Labels: Diversity & Inclusion

*1–**Black Parents explain to their children*
 how to deal with police –5 min.

*2–**How to be an Ally* <>–Comic,
prod., actor Evelyn from the Internets –8 min.
* 3–**Diverse Expert Q&A on White Fragility*
<> Erin Trent
Johnson, Robin DiAngelo, Aaron Morrison –50 min.

And a Bonus: What *not* to to say to *a Trans Person (in their words)

*Recommended for all Cohousers…*

*Include CohoUS’s Community for All Conference Videos with DAIWAT!*

(BTW: CohoUS has a bonus if you purchase all of next year’s conferences by
Dec.15-still no toaster, but *highly* recommended.

If you haven’t yet sampled the brilliant National *Cohousing 4 All
Conference *videos; we *highly* recommend starting w/one of these
insightful presentations (their endless insights, experiences and cohousing
success practices are timeless and invaluable.

*(For INSTRUCTIONS) on accessing these conference videos; scroll down
below…) *

Thanks to our local EVC members who supported purchasing access to the
invaluable National Conference Videos!

In Community,

Daisy Birch,
Cherie Cushenberry,
Rodney Elin,
Debra Few,
JoAnne Growney,
Jay Kaplon,
Joan King,
Ed King,
Nels Larson,
Neha Misra,
Carrie Noel-Nosbaum,
Arash Sadati,
Stephan Sylvan,
Anne Thompson,
Arvind Venugopal

*How to add CoUS’s Community for All Conference to your free DAWAT study
circle.* This for Cohousers who register(ed) for the conference.

STEP 1: Visit this website <> if
you’ve registered, or see the descriptions here

STEP 2: Enter your passcode, or register with CohoUS (karincohous [at]
and she’ll give you your code.

STEP 3: Scroll down and sample the many valuable video presentations.

*We suggest starting w/these videos from the Conference (they’re all

--Crystal Byrd Farmer, Helena Cragg, Rosemary Linares and Alicia
Wilson-Ahlstrom: Stories from BIPOC Cohousers

--Crystal Byrd Farmer: Lessons from the Token

--Tovah Melaver and Dancingwater Catherine Shiel: Addresssing Race and
Privilege in Community

-- Daisy Birch: Allyship as a core of Community Transformation

--Joe Cole: What's in a Name?

Email us, if you have a Question about creating your own study-circle.

*For a discount community rate for CohoUS’s Conference, email Karin Hoskin
at karincohous [at] <karincohous [at]>*

Much Warmth to you and yours, Everyone!

Daisy & Arash,
Eastern Village Cohousing
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