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hi Cohousing List and Alan!
At Lancaster Cohousing in the UK, as we couldn't go in the common house to
do our usual advent calendar in there with kids, we've done 'Advent
Windows' down the whole street, with everyone taking a day in December
between the 1st and 24th and making an artistic display on their door or
window.   We have an artist here who encouraged us to do our designs and
did a zoom workshop on working with tissue paper and ordinary paper to make
our designs come to life.   I decided to do a Chanukiah, but hadn't thought
much more about it till i was given 7th December as my date.  i swapped to
10th December, the first night of Chanukah, and decided that I'd light
ordinary chanukah candles in my kitchen window as well as unveil my
chanukiah.  Then I realised that I could 'unveil' one candle each day, just
like a real chanukiah (and a bit like an advent calendar).    Each day the
window artists have also been 'hosting' the window unveiling, outside their
homes in the pedestrian street, with cakes, wine, biscuits etc. So i did
latkes, doughnuts and chocolate money for mine.  Here's a pic of
Wednesday's 7th night Chanukah-dvent window!

[image: 7th night.JPEG]

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> What differentiates cohousing from other housing configurations? Cohousers
> in theory, make decisions collaboratively rather than based on who has the
> most or are the strongest and accept of all for who they are rather than
> based on assimilation.
> Tonight is the 8th night of Hannukah and also free book day. Get a free
> copy of my eBook "True Stories of an Aging Do-Gooder: How Cohousing Can
> Bridge Cultural Divides."
> There have been recent posts here about lower-cost housing, attracting
> diverse community members, and pushing back from consensus. I provide some
> insights about these and other topics mostly based on how a lifetime of
> experiences set me up for cohousing.
> Enjoy!
> Alan O.
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