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From: Reynolds, Shawn Andrew (shreynoliu.edu)
Date: Mon, 21 Dec 2020 11:36:45 -0800 (PST)

This is something we did for one single member but it impacted many lives.

We are a community getting ready to build this spring so are still dispersed. 
We have one member who is working long hours at a youth group home. As you can 
imagine with the pandemic it's really stressful.  We arranged to have a 
special meal catered in for the kids and bought them some new board games and 
one computer game.  We may make this a holiday tradition. Catering in the meal 
also helped a local business.  It made all of us feel better!

Shawn Reynolds


Alpenglow CoHousing Community

Ridgway, CO


Units still available

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Wow, thank you for sharing these heartwarming stories.  It affirms for me
why I am looking for co housing.  Glad to hear that some in person
connections are in the works.

I would be very curious to hear how other communities are caring for the
single folks in their midst.  Anyone else feel like sharing stories specific
to singles in community?

happy solstice, and may the convergence of great planets lead to the
convergence of hearts here on earth!

melanie - seeker
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