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Date: Wed, 30 Dec 2020 08:07:57 -0800 (PST)
My community Liberty Village in Frederick MD has used volunteer work for 20 
years. One of our agreements from the very beginning was to have few rules and 
to work together as a community. We expect everyone to contribute to the 
community in the way they can. Our Community Facilities team has workdays 
periodically where everyone who can participates. We never charge for meals but 
buy and cook when it is our turn and eat freely otherwise. So far it has 

Martie Weatherly

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>Good morning,
>I am responsible for pulling together reading materials for my community's
>reading and discussion group.  This week (yikes! I'm behind!) we will be
>discussing the challenges of work participation.  So far, I have a good
>collection of stories about participation gone wrong and about systems for
>managing and tracking participation
>Are there any stories about participation going well without management and
>tracking?  Are there communities where the work gets done without much
>hassle, supervision, or dissent?
>I would really appreciate hearing from anyone with a work participation
>story to share with my in-construction community (Driftwood Village
>Cohousing, North Vancouver).  I'm particularly interested in experiences in
>communities where there is an assumption that people will pitch in and the
>work gets done, but I'm open to any stories you care to share.
>Thank you, Allison Tom
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