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What a great idea for cohousing, Leslie!  And the Google Maps
concept for your cohousing submission was a terrific representation.
We would love to participate next year if a coho version happens.

I voted for you - good luck!

   Dee Stradling
   Rocky Corner Cohousing
   Bethany, CT

On Wed, 30 Dec 2020 leslie brown (lesliecbrown100 [at] wrote:

>Cohousing = adventure.
>We tried something entirely new this year and entered into our local
>architecture museum gingerbread contest both to promote cohousing and as a
>community building activity. A few of us built the structure and almost
>everyone decorated a gingerbread/Google circle icon representing
>themselves. It was a ton of fun and cohousing is in a museum!
>Maybe next year we can try a national coho virtual "contest"?
>Leslie Brown
>Richmond Cohousing

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