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At Touchstone we do track work using an hours/quota system. It's a 4 month
cycle. Committees submit job descriptions and request hours from the Work
Committee, which enters them all into Gather. People choose jobs on job
choosing day based on preference. We manage our own maintenance and snow
clearing (but hire contractors for big jobs and a plow company for big
snows). Some jobs are pre-assigned if they need continuity or special
skills. Meals prep & cleanup jobs count as jobs just like the others (and
make up the largest amount of work hours in the system in non-pandemic

Gather also supports tracking jobs without a quota system if you just want
to have a list of jobs that people can sign up for. It's easy to find who
has signed up for what, and you can get reminders, calendar exports, etc.,
so that you don't forget about your job. It's also nice to have a central
place for job descriptions to live.

See for more info on Gather.

Tom Smyth

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