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From: Tom @ Gather (
Date: Tue, 5 Jan 2021 06:44:01 -0800 (PST)
> Tom — thank you for this info.  Quite intrigued by what you have shared.
> You have an hours/quota system.  Can you explain that in more detail for
> those of us who may have one but not the other or neither?  How many hours
> per month or per cycle do you request from members?  Is this a
> “requirement” or a “suggested amount?”  If required … how is this
> enforced?  What is your quota system?  Is your work share system required
> via your by-laws or by your policies?

Thanks for the questions. The hours are computed by Gather based on how
many jobs/shifts are entered and how many people there are. When we have a
meals program going, it works out to about 7-8 hours per month. Right now
it's less. Those numbers don't include committee meeting time unless you're
convener or minute taker, which is something I'm trying to change... just a
historical quirk I think.

The work program is considered a requirement of life at Touchstone.
Participation is very high. It's rare that folks don't participate unless
they have to leave town for an extended period. Folks of advanced age or
with disabilities can get accommodations of reduced hours. There is no
'enforcement' per se, just a strong social expectation. The fact that
Gather makes it clear who has what job (and in the rare situation, who
hasn't signed up for any jobs) helps make things visible and keeps folks

We don't explicitly track whether or not people did their jobs. That has
never been necessary and feels like a step too far to most folks I think.
It hasn't been necessary to ensure participation.

I don't think the work system is in the bylaws. I'm sure there is a policy
on the books somewhere. But it's just sort of a clockwork system. Every 4
months we collect the jobs together and have the job choosing day. It works
for us!


Tom Smyth, Founder & Lead Developer
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