Cohousing in Greece
From: Pare Gerou (
Date: Thu, 7 Jan 2021 22:14:52 -0800 (PST)
 Hello Everyone,

 Disturbing chaos in our nation aside, I have spent the pandemic dreaming
about cohousing in Greece, where money goes farther, living is healthy and
easy, and quality healthcare can be had for a fraction of U.S. prices.  Not
only is land generally cheaper in Greece, but hundreds of multi-villa
complexes, resorts, and “apartment hotels” have gone under in the pandemic
and are for sale –ready-made cohousing communities!  After the collapse of
Greece’s major tourist industry, recent changes in tax and residency laws
are designed to entice retirees and remote workers.  New “Golden visa”
legislation provides for residency for anyone buying a home for 250,000€
(around $306,000) or more.  New tax legislation further provides tax
incentives to remote workers and retirees.  Brits especially are now
flocking to Greece to buy property.  If you are intrigued with the idea of
cohousing in Greece and have thought seriously about leaving the U.S. to
improve your life, feel free to reach out to paregerou [at] with your
contact info.  I am especially interested in those currently in community
or with previous experience in community.  Feel free to pass this message
on to any coho neighbors who don’t closely follow this list.  If there is
enough interest, we can try a Zoom gathering.  And for those who have read
this far and love Greece--check out a few of the many fabulous sale
properties below in links.  A group of us could snap one of these
properties up to further develop and start an international cohousing
adventure.  Yasoo!

Pare Gerou

Former resident of Touchstone, now seeking

Asylum & Immigration Attorney

paregerou [at]

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