Consensus and conflict
From: Melanie G (
Date: Sat, 9 Jan 2021 15:59:46 -0800 (PST)
Chris, thank you for the clarification.  "To create harmony, a group must
be able to work through conflict."  Could not agree more.

Also Liz, thank you so much for introducing me to Ostrom!  Thrilled to
explore further.  I especially loved seeing this "When disputes arise,
commoners must have easy access to conflict-resolution mechanisms."

Also thought I would share a somewhat similar resource about a movement
some may have heard of.

Genevieve Vaughan wrote a book you can read for free here.

I believe some of the underlying assumptions are similar.  Wonder if the
two know each other or of each other.  If not, they would do the world a
service in getting together imho.

One last link, I have taken this training offered by some NVC friends in
the UK, and it's about to be offered as a 10 week course.  It's called
Building Restorative Systems.  I highly recommend it.  If you go, please
tell them I sent you.

I am learning SO much from this list.

with deep gratitude,

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