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At Lost Valley, each individual electric meter has a sizeable monthly
charge for simply being read by the electric company. In fact, that
monthly charge (at least $10 apiece monthly, charged for each of the
less-than-five-minute visits/readings by the power company person) has
at times exceeded the actual additional electricity charge on some of
those meters. Lost Valley is not cohousing, has very small clusters of
energy-conserving tiny homes connected to some of its meters, and is
located outside Eugene, serviced by EPUD--Emerald People's Utility
District--rather than EWEB--Eugene Water and Electric Board--so this may
not translate to the River Song situation. And even though we've talked
about the desirability of reducing the number of meters to save costs,
we've also talked about increasing it, as some people likely consume
five or ten times as much electricity in their individual units (by
keeping the heat cranked up, etc.) as others do, within larger cabin
areas all sharing the same meter and all paying the same per-unit fees,
regardless of consumption--a system which has the energy-savers
subsidizing the energy-consumers, sometimes quite substantially. The
ideal would seem to be having a way of internally monitoring/charging
people for their actual usage while not needing to shell out hundreds of
extra dollars every month to the electric company for the existence of
all the extra meters. If a solution is found that allows individual
monitoring/charging without extra money going out to the power company,
please share!



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> Bronson wrote:
>> 1) Do we have an electric meter on each of our 28 units, or an electric
>> meter only on each of our seven buildings, or have only one electric meter
>> for the community and parcel out charges based on square footage of
>> individual units through the HOA?
> Your electric utility and your state public utilities commission will
> have the final say in that. You can explore options, but pay close
> attention to the monthly service charges that apply to different size
> meters.

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