Re Email abuse
From: CJ Q (
Date: Fri, 15 Jan 2021 08:01:56 -0800 (PST)
I think about this a lot.  The solution I've heard was to have mediators
but that seems like censorship to me.  The better solution is to encourage
neighbors to go talk to the other neighbor.
We have email for official type business like announcing meetings and when
the Internet is down. Slack has all sorts of messages and where things get
hairy.  It is also easy to delete a message there.
I posted in the spring asking all the parents how to deal with a situation.
No problem.  But this fall someone else posted something similar. This time
many feelings were hurt but it lead to an all group meeting where a lot of
solutions were discussed. I thought it ended up being a positive. However,
others then suggested one person erase messages that could be problematic
and encourage them to talk to each other. It sounds great, but what
discussions will be missed? What important information will be missed?
Some things would have been nice to know as a whole group instead of only
certain people knowing it had happened. For example, I wish I knew one dog
snipped a child on a scooter. Then we would have known that dog does that
(and later I found out scooters seem to trigger lots of dogs). Instead, I
had no idea and then the dog bit my child.  These are just my thoughts and
don't represent anybody else.

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