Re: Request from Manzanita Village in Arizona: How does your community handle members who abuse the community e-mail?
From: Melanie G (
Date: Sat, 16 Jan 2021 20:30:32 -0800 (PST)
I sent a private email to the first person who referred to my post as
though I was in some way implying that occupy was the first to ever used
consensus.  But now I see she was not the only one.  So here is an

My post was very specifically about the term "consensed on".  Not about
consensus being original to occupy... at ... all.  I personally am not a
fan of such neologisms.  To me they muddy the process of consensus, and the
meanings of words.  It is absolutely not the same to me to "agree to"
something as to give one's consent.

I may not agree for example that people should have outdoor cats, but I
would consent to it if the group really wanted to allow that.  (just to use
a random example that popped into my head, please let us not begin a thread
about outdoor cats now).

I am wondering if assumptions are being made, and not questioned before
launching into "educating" mode.

I hope that clears things up.

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