Today, Mon, Jan 18, last day for Sociocracy Course Early Bird Discount; responding to Melanie's question
From: Melanie G (
Date: Tue, 19 Jan 2021 12:58:39 -0800 (PST)
Thank you so much Diane for responding to my question.  I was asking Carol
that question because I was curious whether you actually used these words
she quoted to refer to people who raised concerns, or if you'd like, we can
call them blocks.  To me these are one and the same.

Thank you also for offering me a spot in your intro.  I have already been
through an entire course presented by Jerry, and learned a LOT.  So unless
your take on sociocracy is completely different, which based on your
description here, it seems it is quite similar, I will pass for now.

I'm thrilled there is discussion here about these issues.  And sad to hear
that there are desires to prevent conflict, and get things done possibly at
the expense of folks who are raising concerns.

I have learned that conflict aversion and avoidance actually creates a lot
more work for communities and groups.  Expediency is another form of
conflict avoidance imho.  I'm not here advocating anything, or against
anything.  Simply sharing my own concern and take on this topic.  Calling
people blockers and bullies does not create much good will as I have

Here is an interesting article I came across in a third force pod I joined
through Service Space.  Perhaps it will say it much better than I ever

I will be going offline for a bit to take a break.  So if I don't respond,
it's nothing personal.  Again, much appreciating the invite, and the

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