Re: starting an emergency fund at our cohousing community in Tucson, AZ
From: Peter Orbeton (
Date: Wed, 3 Feb 2021 06:51:04 -0800 (PST)
Nubanusit Neighborhood & Farm (NN&F) created a 'Neighbors Fund' for this
purpose. Several points before the specifics of the Neighbors Fund are:

   - Contributions are voluntary, are not part of the annual budget
   process, or a separate assessment.
   - The reference to 'plenary' below refers to a monthly gathering of
   community members as defined by the Membership Agreement, which includes
   non-owners and tenants.
   - Tenants do not make requests directly to the fund managers; rather, to
   the owner from whom they rent the unit.

Neighbors Fund

   - Based on financial need due to unexpected circumstances, any owner may
   use the Neighbors Fund as a source for help with monthly dues payments.
   - Each year in September a solicitation will go to the whole community
   asking for donations to the Neighbors Fund. Additional contributions will
   be accepted at any time.
   - Recognizing our dual interests in generosity and respect for
   individual choice, we encourage all unit owners to make some contribution,
   however large or small, to the Neighbors Fund annually in September in
   recognition that we, or our neighbors, may need help with dues at some
   point. The amount of the contribution will be at the discretion of the unit
   owner and will be confidential, known only by the fund managers.
   - Any owner with an unanticipated financial need is invited to make a
   request to either of the fund managers. A single request can encompass one,
   two or three months. The amount requested can be up to the total dues
   amount for each month requested. Additional requests can be made after the
   initial term. Any help given would be confidential, known only by the fund
   - An application for funds will not be routinely questioned and will be
   honored as long as there is money in the Neighbors Fund. Any decision made
   by the fund managers is final.
   - Checks will be written to the person requesting funds for the amount
   approved by the fund managers.
   - The fund will be kept separate from all other NN&F funds.
   - Two fund managers will be chosen annually by the plenary.
   - The fund can be dissolved only by the plenary. If it is dissolved,
   remaining monies will be refunded to the donors proportionately as much as
   practicalities allow.

On Wed, Feb 3, 2021 at 7:52 AM Lidia Delpiccolo-Morris <
gpldpmorris [at]> wrote:

> We became aware that at least one of our members is having trouble paying
> their COA dues and a group of us are starting an emergency fund and would
> like advice from other communities that have something similar in place and
> have more experience.  Any feedback would be appreciated.
> Lidia
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