Follow up after Cue meeting
From: Melanie Mindlin (
Date: Wed, 3 Feb 2021 14:07:57 -0800 (PST)
I believe my request is for Diana concerning this letter.  You refer to a 
handout called Alliances, Petitions and the Three Treasures of Community.  I 
would love to get a copy of this document.  I think it could be useful for my 


> Begin forwarded message:
>>> I realize though, that the difficult person you're speaking of may not be 
>>> doing behaviors like this at all, but may be violating community agreements 
>>> about pets, parking spaces, quiet hours, or use of the Common House, and so 
>>> on. Which governance and decision-making methods don't address.
>>> For challenges like this, there are two things I can recommend. One is 
>>> doing petitions, described in the handout below, "Alliances, Petitions, and 
>>> 'The Three Treasures' of Community'."  Another is when many different 
>>> people ask the person to please stop doing X or Y thing they do. The 
>>> handout for this is "Many Raindrops Make a Flood." Most members of most 
>>> cohousing communities wouldn't want to do these methods though, 
>>> unfortunately. We can talk about this when we talk.

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