Electricity and water metering
From: Jim Bronson (jimbronsonashlandgmail.com)
Date: Sat, 6 Feb 2021 12:08:25 -0800 (PST)
Dear Cohousers,

RiverSong is in the process of making the green decision to be an
all-electric community for our common house and all 28 units.  As we are
completing  plans before we start construction (expected in May), a next
decision is how to handle metering skillfully.  Specifically, do we have:
*One meter for the whole community*
(HOA divides charges by sq. ft., or ___)
*One meter for each building*
(HOA divides charges by sq. ft., or ____)
*One meter for each unit*
(let the water and power company divide the charges)

We know there is a saving if we have fewer meters, but we think there may
be process issues related to having the HOA divide charges.

*Please respond with *

1) your community's metering set up
2) if you have 'shared' metering, how you have divided charges for electric
power and water
3) if you have 'shared' metering, your suggestions on how to make it work
best from a community process point of view.
4) What the financial savings are for for having 'shared' metering.

Many thanks for offering us your experience and your important counsel.

Jim Bronson (for the Design Team,  RiverSong Cohousing, Eugene, OR)
jimbronsonashland [at] gmail.com

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