Re: Guidelines for Unrestricted Gifts to the Community
From: Tom @ Gather (
Date: Sat, 6 Feb 2021 15:25:40 -0800 (PST)
Here is our donation policy at Touchstone, FWIW:


Touchstone has greatly benefited from and appreciates past donations for
community projects such as pathway lighting through our main walkway, a
rain garden to the east of our common house, and necessary soundproofing in
our common house main dining area. These guidelines describe the
expectations of both the donor and the community in reviewing and accepting
both monetary and in-kind donations by Touchstone residents.


   The project or item must have community buy in and agreement before
   proceeding. This includes providing an opportunity for the community to
   review the project, ask questions, and express any concerns. Any objections
   to the project must be addressed and resolved before proceeding.

   Donor(s) agree to work collaboratively with the community to select
   and/or design, develop, and construct the project or item. The donor is not
   entitled to control over future maintenance or disposal once the donation
   is complete.

   Donor(s) will not accrue any financial or other benefits beyond what the
   entire community enjoys.

   Donations of items should be submitted to the relevant committee for
   review. For example, a used couch or rug for the common house; a bench or
   tree for grounds. When it is not clear what committee should review the
   donation, route to Steering, which can then determine the appropriate

   Monetary donations for major projects should initially be submitted to
   the relevant committee unless a donor wishes to remain anonymous, in which
   case they may contact Finance & Legal Committee members. Finance & Legal
   will make every effort to keep the donor(s)’ identity confidential. Finance
   & Legal will then pass along the anonymous donor request to the relevant
   committee for review and for the committee to bring to plenary, as needed.

   All completed projects as well as donated items become the property of
   the entire community.

Disclaimer: Donations are not tax deductible. The Touchstone Association
does not qualify as a non-profit charitable organization.

Tom for the Gather Team

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