Laird Schaub's workshops/training
From: David Entin (
Date: Wed, 10 Feb 2021 05:41:44 -0800 (PST)
I am not fully comfortable with such public discussion of Laird’s training 
work, but since it is out there, I wish to add my own experiences.  I have 
attended at least a half dozen of Laird’s workshops at national cohousing 
conferences.  I found all of them excellent learning experiences with direct 
benefit for me as an active cohousing member.  In addition, Laird has twice 
come to our community, at our invitation, for half day workshops to address two 
importance concerns of ours.  In both cases the training and facilitation he 
offered was of considerable use to us and well appreciated by our community.  
One important outcome was Laird’s encouragement that we establish a Process 
Committee.  We followed his advice and that innovation has made a great 
difference in the positive planning, facilitation, and effectiveness of our 
regular whole community meetings (plenary, to use his term).  I have found 
Laird to be a person of high integrity and honesty as well as insight and 
experience with group processes.  Perhaps his direct approach to problems, as 
opposed to evading or tip-toeing around problems, may be considered 
“controversial” by a few, but I think he needs to be listened to.  David Entin, 
Rocky Hill Cohousing 
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