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I am gearing up for the next class of the 500 Communities Program.
This program is expanding the network of cohousing professionals,
which is critical if we want to see cohousing become a more accessible
housing model for more people. The 500 Communities Program is a
12-month course designed to train collaborators to meet the expanding
need for professional support in creating new communities. The program
is applicable to many different job fields from developers and project
managers to marketing, sales and process trainers.

I will be hosting introduction webinars in February and March for
prospective applicants. During these webinars we will be discussing
program details and answering questions. We encourage anyone that is
interested in pursuing a career in cohousing to join us on these
webinars. We ask from you, our cohousing community, that you help us
spread the word about this program. We accept applicants from all over
the world, and are striving to create a global network of cohousing
and collaborative development professionals who can share resources,
collaborate, and bring the next 500 cohousing communities to life.

Applications are due by mid-June, and the next class will start in
September 2021.  Most of the class is virtual, although we look to
gather in person, together with Affiliates from previous classes, once
a year. You can find information about the program and our upcoming
webinars on our website:

In community,

Kathryn McCamant, President
CoHousing Solutions
Nevada City, CA 95959
T.530.478.1970  C.916.798.4755

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