A note to CohoUS Partners
From: Karen Gimnig (karencohousgmail.com)
Date: Thu, 11 Feb 2021 09:16:42 -0800 (PST)
Many of you have partnered with CohoUS through our Community Launch,
Community Partnership, and Individual Partnership programs.  (If you
haven't, you can find more information about these programs at cohousing.org

As a CohoUS partner, you receive access to all of our 2021 events.  With
our first full length event right around the corner (Stepping Into
Cohousing on Feb 20), we're asking for your help now, to make your access
as smooth as possible.

Each member of a community partner is granted access to all of our events.
The mechanism for that access, is a partner user account on cohousing.org.
This means that each person needs to sign up for their own account.  (It's
simple, I promise!) We estimate that only about 10% of eligible users have
created their partner accounts so far.  We're very happy to help you do
this, but please note that things get busy the day before and day of an
event, which means we may not be able to help you then.

Today is a GREAT time to get your partner user account created. If your
community is participating, we have sent our contact person detailed
instructions for how to create your partner user account.  We hope they
have shared them with you.  If not, please ask.

If you are having trouble getting signed up, please let me know (soon!)
We're really looking forward to connecting with you throughout this year
and want to avoid any tech-hiccups getting in the way of that.

Thanks everyone!

Karen Gimnig
Communications Director
The Cohousing Association of the US

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