Re: extras for zoom meetings
From: David Scheidt (
Date: Thu, 11 Feb 2021 06:15:58 -0800 (PST)
Engagement through electrons does deprive one of a good bit of the
non-verbal. Replacement through the visual only partially compensates, yet
I have found it cohesive [not that we do his all the time yet it can be
helpful] to set an understanding that after each person's statement
everybody claps on screen. It is gratifying to the speaker to have a full
screen response. It is a nice visual punctuation mark between speakers. And
the active engagement is gratifying for the feeling of community. Nothing
is more boring than a screen full of non-talking heads staring into space.
Animation yeah, dull be gone.
David is a member at Durham Central Park Coho.

We?ve mastered conducting business, lots of business, on Zoom ? Team
Meetings, General Meetings (all members), etc.   But we sure could use some
more ideas for those lagniappes that lighten up the business, give us a
good laugh or help us feel a little deeper together.   What has your
community done to bring some of each person?s humanity to the screen of
boxes of faces?

Waiting for inspiration,
Carolyn Salmon
To pay attention; that is our endless and proper work...Mary Oliver

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