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Date: Thu, 11 Feb 2021 14:21:49 -0800 (PST)
I just want to add my voice to the many who have experienced Laird's
excellent training, mediation and facilitation. Whenever he has a workshop
at a coho meeting, I try to get to it -- they are always very rewarding.
And he has helped my community, Casmbridge
Cohousing set up good processes for decision-making, facilitation, and
Diane Margolis

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> Hello,
>         We (JP Cohousing) had a weekend process workshop with Laird
> around 10 years ago.  Eventually we came up with a six-step process for
> considering and acting on proposals (and did an exercise using an actual
> important proposal we were considering at the time).  Since then, we've
> called our consensus-driven process "the Laird process", as is, "So
> where are we in the Laird process at this point?".  It's worked out very
> well.
> Regards,
> David Heimann
> Jamaica Plain Cohousing
> Jamaica Plain, Boston, MA
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> Hi all,I am posting this for Laird and trying to include the flyer. ? I'm
> not sure if that will come through in the attachment so let me know if you
> need a copy.About 5 years ago, my community, New Brighton Cohousing, were
> hosts to Laird and his group training. ? I was able to see what a great
> facilitator and trainer Laird is. ?The team dealt ?with everyday issues, as
> well as extremely difficult issues that come up in cohousing.He is one of
> our great masters!
> >From Laird:
> Dear Cohousers,
> I am starting a Zoom-based two-year facilitation training next month and
> you?re invited.
> The Back StoryAs many of you may know, I?ve been a consultant and trainer
> to cooperative groups since 1987, and have now worked professionally with
> over 80 cohousing groups across North America, many of them multiple times.
> Now 71 years old, I am trying to concentrate on passing along my knowledge
> to others and there is no more leveraged way to accomplish that, in my
> view, than by training facilitators, who can then bring the knowledge back
> to their groups and share it with others.
> It?s been my experience that a skilled facilitator can make a
> night-and-day difference in the quality of meetings, especially when groups
> are grappling with how to cooperate (it isn?t as easy as it first
> appears!). Thus, investment in facilitation can pay large dividends?both
> for the individual and the group. The teaching materials and principles are
> mainly a distillation of my 30+ years of experience in the field as a
> professional facilitator?what actually happens in groups, what are the
> issues, and what are effective responses.
> Training in the Age of CovidAs a consequence of adapting to the severe
> travel restrictions necessitated by the pandemic, my team (Mar?a Silvia,
> Joe Cole, and myself) translated to Zoom the in-person two-year
> facilitation training I first developed in 2003 and have delivered 14
> times. Happily, we discovered that we can still deliver a quality product
> virtually. Mar?a, Joe, and I know first hand the enormous difference that
> these teachings make in the life and health of groups, so, pandemic or not,
> we continue our commitment to share this knowledge with all who want it.
> This is an intensive course consisting of 8 three-day weekends (Thursday
> evening through Sunday afternoon), spaced approximately three months apart.
> Zoom simplifies logistics and reduces expenses considerably?not only does
> everyone participate from the comfort of their own home, but it is
> geography independent?students can live anywhere so long as they have a
> laptop and a decent internet connection. Hosting groups need not worry
> about feeding and housing the class. To be sure, we still need host groups
> to provide live meetings for students to facilitate?and students will be
> expected to actively collaborate with the trainers?in identifying suitable
> host groups for each weekend.
> In exchange for hosting, groups receive?outside, neutral facilitation on
> key issues (under the supervision of professional trainers), a report from
> me about the group's accomplishments and needs, and one FREE auditor slot
> in the weekend for which they provide the meetings that the class
> facilitates. What?s not to like?
> Attached is a more detailed outline of the course, including information
> about costs.
> Heads Up:?Enrollment is limited to 16. We have nine signed up now, which
> means there are seven slots remaining, which we will fill on
> first-come-first-served basis. There is no requirement that you have prior
> facilitation experience; only a sincere desire to learn.
> If you are part of a cooperative group that?s interested in enhancing its
> facilitation skills and understanding of cooperative group dynamics, we
> urge you to consider sending 3-4 people so that you can reinforce your
> learning and make it easier to pass along the power of these concepts to
> the entire community. We already have one group who has enrolled four
> students in this course.
> Weekend I will be March 4-7, less than a month away.
> We hope you?ll join us.
> In cooperationLaird Schaublaird@ic.org218-724-3732
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