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Date: Fri, 12 Feb 2021 17:28:06 -0800 (PST)
Actually, if you think about it, most families
operate by consensus. One person says, "I was
thinking it would be a nice idea if we (fill in
the blank). Another person says, "That's a great
idea," or asks a question, "How would that work?"
The conversation continues until the family agrees
on the proposed idea or not. If they don't,
someone may propose an alternative, and the
process continues until consensus is reached.

Kay Wilson
Meadow Wood "Cohousing" Condominium

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Good morning all,

I am responsible for leading our community's
consensus education activities.  We are about six
months from move in (though COVID keeps moving
those goalposts, alas).

We're facing the combined pressures of getting
ready for this big transition, being isolated from
each other as we are trying to create community,
and having to make all kinds of decisions without
the regular interactions that remind us of why we
wanted to do this crazy thing.

I'd just love to be able to include some quotes
(or even a live clip!) from community members who
are happy about their consensus decision making
processes to give fellow members a focus at the
hopeful parts of consensus and community.

I'd love to be able to collect and share anecdotes
or words of encouragement from more experienced

Thanks all,

Allison Tom
Driftwood Village Cohousing
North Vancouver, British Columbia
*moving in July 2021*
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