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From: Abe Ross (
Date: Sat, 20 Feb 2021 03:16:17 -0800 (PST)
Hello Carol

I would appreciate getting a copy of the game you developed.

Abe Ross
Treehouse Village Ecohousing
Bridgewater Nova Scotia
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Feb 19, 2021 11:02:35 PM CJ Q <homeschoolvideo [at]>:

> Hi Listserv,
> Here it is. After many eyes sore reading through over 20 years of emails on
> the listserv and clicking my mouse till my wrist swelled up, I made a
> game!  I don’t know why I was motivated to do it but it was nice to see how
> normal our cohousing is - everyone has issues!  So, maybe this game is not
> just for newcomers but all of us. (some people sent me stories but most I
> got from this listserv so I kept it anonymous but it would be easy to find
> some in the archives. I plan to just share it here at the listserv for that
> reason also).
> The game has real situations from real cohousing communities. I made it for
> forming, developing, and building groups to get to know each other and what
> may be up ahead.
> I’m not a tech savvy person so at first I had the notes section and added a
> few and then it was gone. Nothing important - just that it is all 100%
> true, from the speaker who gave the example at least. I changed a few
> details to make sure to keep anonymity but sometimes have direct quotes
> from the original speaker.  I also gave a few answers that seemed good
> advice - otherwise, this game is for you to practice communication skills
> with real issues from real cohousing communities.
> Send me an email and I”ll send it to you. If you don’t hear from me, remind
> me in a week or so, in case I get overwhelmed with orders.  I’ll email it
> to you in two parts (there were around 222 situations and google slides had
> a limit).  I’ll email it to you as a power point.
> Feel free to change it however you want and if you think it's better - send
> me your copy and I’ll send that out next time. You can show this on a big
> screen, shared screen with zoom, or print off as game cards that’s why I
> tried to use black and white as much as possible. I didn’t ask permission
> for the photos or artwork so don’t sell this! I was trying to be funny with
> my pics and titles, so please don’t take offense.
> One community member has good advice “I would suggest that we all have a
> tendency to say what we think is right, or what we want to believe, or what
> we think we ought to believe, when in fact we don¹t act on these same
> principals.  And since we behave in ways different from what we claim,
> those discussions and decisions taken before moving in need to be tempered
> with a review of actual behavior after moving in.”
> Remember there are no right answers. Just discuss your thoughts and get to
> know each other.
> And, please, if you are meeting on zoom and wouldn’t mind me being a fly on
> the wall I’d love to see the game in action. I could even be your game show
> host if you like.
> Thanks,
> Carol
> Order at
> homeschoolvideo [at]
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