Re: 3rd party payment platforms
From: R Philip Dowds (
Date: Sat, 20 Feb 2021 07:26:02 -0800 (PST)
On a personal note … I know absolutely nothing about BitPal, VenPay, AppleeMo, 
etc.  Maybe I’m missing something important, but my personal checking account 
debit card seems to work extremely well under all circumstances, including 
foreign travel.

But at Cornerstone, the system we use is a conventional ACH (“Automated 
Clearing House”) pull provided at no incremental cost by our association bank.  
From those who want to make paying dues “automatic”, our Treasurer obtains a 
written permission with some critical information.  Then, at the beginning of 
each month, s/he pulls the authorized dues amount by manually triggering an ACH 
transfer from the member’s bank account to our bank account.  About 2/3rds of 
our households are signed up for this, and one-third sticks with paper checks.  
Over the many years, we’ve never had an issue with this system.

Thanks from the old school,
Philip Dowds
Cornerstone Village Cohousing
Cambridge, MA 02140

mobile: 617.460.4549
email:   rphilipdowds [at]

> On Feb 19, 2021, at 3:15 PM, Daniel Bothman <dan [at]> wrote:
> i'm curious as to what 3rd party payment options other cohousings use for
> members to pay dues?  we want to create another payment method for members
> to pay their dues, but everyone has a different preference. we want to pick
> one or two that have zero or low fees, offers the widest reach and has
> good, clear tracking.   Zelle, Paypal, Googlepay, Applepay, Poppay, Venmo
> and Quickbooks Payment are platforms that come to mind?
> we currently accept checks (either from the individual or from their bank's
> bill pay system, of if they are at the same bank, many do balance
> transfers. several have requested an alternative method.
> paypal is the most ubiquitous, but other than person-to-person... bank
> account-to-bank account, it can charge fees. is there a way to 'lock it in'
> to person-to-person and exclude credit card for payments to avoid fees?
> saw on another thread that zelle is common with banks, though i have never
> used/seen it and does not seem to be partnered with our bank.
> what do you all use? and why did you settle on that one? do you offer more
> than one?
> bellingham cohousing
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