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From: Martie Weatherly (
Date: Tue, 23 Feb 2021 08:36:43 -0800 (PST)
Liberty Village was built 20 years ago. We discussed then what to require in 
our covenants in our bylaws about pets and got into questions like how many 
cats can a person have? We finally decided to have a general policy that says 
pet owners are responsible for their pets and must follow county laws on 
inoculation, etc. 

Since than we wrote a policy that dogs must be on a leash or next to owner 
under voice command in the area of the homes. Out in the open land on our 
property the dogs can run free if under voice command.  

We are a community that was founded on having few rules and trusting each other 
enough to work things out together. Every so often we review the pet policy, 
usually when someone is not following it. We had someone complain about feral 
cats years ago but we never came to agreement on what to do about it 

Martie Weatherly

Health and Wellness Coach
Consensus Coach

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>I am interested in seeing the pet agreements from other communities.
>This will help us as we review our original agreement to determine
>options for updates. If I receive any, I would be happy to then
>prepare a document with the collection and share that with all who
>provide a copy (unless you request otherwise).
>Thank you.
>David Ehrlich
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