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From: Martie Weatherly (
Date: Tue, 23 Feb 2021 08:44:03 -0800 (PST)
I agree that people must be clear on how decisions are made and what their 
responsibilities will be before moving in.

However, our group formed 20 years ago with broad policies in our bylaws and 
trusting that we would work things out together which we have. If you try to 
write all the policies before you move, you will spend a lot of time on what 

This might be an area where groups create different values in different 
communities. So you might find one like us with few rules, preferring 
guidelines based on trust, and other communities that want more rules. But I 
don't see how a small forming group can make that decision. 

Martie Weatherly

Health and Wellness Coach
Consensus Coach

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>Takoma Village and Mosaic Commons have posted excellent examples of Rules and 
>I strongly recommend that cohousing groups undertake drafting clear and 
>difficult policies before building and moving in.
>Once conflicting parties have dug in their heels and people have taken sides, 
>it is very hard to establish a conflict resolution protocol!
>Once a loving person has begun feeding feral cats, it is too late to write a 
>pet policy.
>In consensus process, procrastination can be weaponized and a history of 
>avoidance becomes the community precedent/common law.
>And in many cases, once someone has purchased a home, the community has little 
>or no legal recourse to enforce community rules or consensus decisions.
>It is very important that people considering moving to a cohousing community 
>read and agree to clear descriptions of expected behavior before buying in.
>Ed Sutton
>Eno Commons
>Durham NC
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>> Sand River Cohousing is interested in seeing what other cohousers have
>> developed for Rules and Regulations.
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