Fwd: A week to go - Time to book your tickets for Musical Journeys 3 - Sat 12 June - workshops, concert, danceparty
From: Fiona Frank (fionafrankgmail.com)
Date: Sun, 6 Jun 2021 12:53:23 -0700 (PDT)
(and now without the attachment)

Hello cohousing people! Halton Mill is a Coworking and Event space owned by
Lancaster Cohousing and is putting on this live online international music
extravaganza and we’d like you and your communities to come! See below.....
love, Fiona (some of you have met me at the zoom training this year  or the
car sharing seminar last year). Please share this with any singers (for the
harmony workshop), young musicians (for the beatbox workshop), people who
love music and dance (for all of it!!!)

*It’s time to book your ticket for ‘Musical Journeys 3’
<http://www.tinyurl.com/musicaljourneys3> – rhythms and harmonies around
the world – happening next Saturday 12th June – workshops 12 – 4 BST
(London time) concert 7.30 p.m.BST danceparty 10 p.m.  BST On Zoom and
Facebook Live.   Tickets £10/£2.50 (concessions)/£25 (supporters) and free
for refugees, asylum seekers, and **you**, if you're unwaged and want to
come. *

*Are you wondering why, when it's sunny and everything is opening up, you
might still want to book to go to an online event? Well – we’ve done two
 “Musical Journeys” events with great solo performers. We’re now able to
bring you some group performances – hooray!  Get yourself an extension
lead, speakers for your laptop, and a long ethernet cable, and take Musical
Journeys 3 outside into your garden or common areas if COVID regulations
allow it -  our performers have made some suggestions for  **an
international menu*
<https://haltonmill.org.uk/menus-for-musical-journeys-3/>* to spice up your
day along with the amazing workshops, concert and *danceparty* that we have
lined up for you, livestreamed from CHINA - GERMANY - TURKEY - BRISTOL -
And right here in LANCASHIRE.  *

*You can pick and choose, just come to some of it or come to the whole
thing - one ticket price gets you in for the whole day.   There are
now videos of all the acts on the booking page
<http://www.tinyurl.com/musicaljourneys3> to whet your appetite. *

*Pass this info on to your friends - and book now!  *

*Halton Mill (at Lancaster Cohousing) A.C.E. Lancaster, and Global Link,

*Musical Journeys 3 - Rhythms and Harmonies Around the World - a
world music extravaganza*

*Saturday 12th June 2021*

*Lunchtime workshops, evening concert, late night Caribbean and Salsa dance

*On Zoom and Facebook Live*

*Workshops 12 noon to 4 p.m. BST (London/Glasgow/Lagos time) - no special
equipment needed, all ages and skills welcome*

12 noon   an *Arabic body percussion workshop* with Syrian musician Ali
Hasan (and dancers Medhat Aldaabal and Mouafak Aldoabl) direct from

1 pm   a *Chinese harmony singing workshop* with the Yandong Grand Singers
direct from China, and musicologist Mu Qian from New York (as heard on BBC
Radio 3 Music Planet)

2 pm  *NEW!* a* Beatbox workshop* with community musician Ash Murphy

3 pm  a *Caribbean and Salsa dance workshop* with champion dance teacher
Phil Kaila

*Concert from 7.30 p.m. BST (London/Glasgow/Lagos time)*

- *Sevilay Gok*, Turkish singer and Baglama player

- *Solana*, fabulous Bristol based world music trio,

- *Boom Bike Bourree* - mediaeval dance music and hip hop beats

and* Salsa and Caribbean Dance Party from 10 p.m BST (London/Glasgow/Lagos
time)* with Phil Kaila from Salsa North West based in Preston.

Tickets for the whole day £10 (standard)/£2.50 (concession) /£25
(supporter) - and free for refugees, asylum seekers and people with limited
resources.    Ticket money goes to pay the performers AND support two
Lancaster charities, Global Link working with refugees and asylum seekers,
and A.C.E. working with young people to help them improve their emotional
health.   We hope you'll make this as much as a success as the last two
events, which raised over £6000 altogether, split between the performers
and the two Lancaster charities. For more info and to book (and videos of
all the performers and a link to our international menu suggestions), go
to  *our booking page* <http://www.tinyurl.com/musicaljourneys3>  (which
you can find at www.tinyurl.com/musicaljourneys3   )

There's also a facebook event for the whole day and evening here

and a facebook event for the Yandong Grand singers to pass to all your
choir contacts and singing friends, here <https://fb.me/e/1ysG2MU55>

and a facebook event for Ashley Murphy's beatbox workshop, to pass to all
the young people you know,  here <https://fb.me/e/O3UXygcG>.

 Please book, and please pass this on to all your friends and contacts!


Fiona Frank

Green Elephant at Halton Mill

Mill Lane, Halton LA2 6ND

tel 07778737681 or 07582 789406


twitter @haltonmill <https://twitter.com/HaltonMill>

facebook Halton Mill

email fiona [at] haltonmill.org.uk

Green Elephant Coop is registered with the Financial Conduct Authority,
<https://mutuals.fsa.gov.uk/SocietyDetails.aspx?Number=31944&Suffix=R> company
reg no 319444R

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