CoHousing Comedy and SKits
From: Chris Hansen (
Date: Tue, 8 Jun 2021 08:25:23 -0700 (PDT)
Hi everyone!
I've created a new subject line for this topic, and thought I'd start the
discussion thread here. If need be we can create a cc list and continue the
discussion off-list.
There seemed to be a few folks who had some energy for this conversation so
thought I'd start it here, with stories, ideas, themes...

For starters, we, like many CoHousing communities I know of have 'recycling
I have a vision (which could do with some padding and possible
embellishment still) of a version of 'Alice's Restaurant' with the guitar
instrumental background, and a CoHousingesque libretto where:
- We all get together for Thanksgiving
- We have a great old time
- We collectively and cooperatively clean up
- We are excited to have some out-of-town guests
- They offer to help clean up
- They can't work out where the trash goes
- They eventually dump a  bag of recycling by an over-full dumpster
- It's still in a plastic bag
- Someone comes and disgustedly empties it and finds an envelope with our
names on it at the bottom of the bag
- There's a knock on our door and we are reprimanded and asked to empty the
recycling bin
- We are carefully watched and coached on recycling and trash protocol
thereon after!

Love to hear others- I have more also...

Chris Hansen
32 East Village Drive
Vermont 05401

Ph 603 3988730

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